Community Guideline

To maintain TwitCasting a safe and comfortable community, please read the following guidelines and rules and help us create a fun place to be.

Content Safety

Please do not stream sexually explicit content.

Many of our users are under 18, and we strictly prohibit sexually explicit content.
Comments that induce sexual behavior will also be regulated.

Hateful and discriminatory content is prohibited.

Hateful defamation of specific individuals is not tolerated in the stream or comments.
Discriminatory behavior against sexual minorities, specific religions, ethnic groups, or races is prohibited.

Sensitive content

If you wish to stream sensitive content, such as stream considered dangerous for children or content containing sexual audio, please set your content as “sensitive content”.

Protect yourself

It is prohibited to stream self-harming or suicidal acts.
If you need help, please talk to your family and friends. You can also contact specialized institutions.

To protect children

TwitCasting is a member of the Social Media Association of Japan (SMAJ). We have implemented various features to prevent incidents involving children.
If you see users engaging in suspicious behavior toward children, please report it to us.

Do not invade the privacy of others

Please be careful not to discuss or comment on the privacy information of yourself or others.

Respect Copyright

We respect other people's rights and expect you to do the same.
Whether it is for commercial or non-commercial use, streaming content without the permission of the content owner (copyright holder) may infringe copyright.

Protecting your account

Please set a difficult password to prevent your account from being hacked.
Use at least 8 characters, a combination of numbers, symbols, upper and lower case letters, etc., do not use dictionary words, and do not use your password more than once.

Please review the general rules

Do not stream activities that may cause inconveniences to the general public, such as calls to public agencies, or general businesses.
Content that promotes targeted harassment is also subject of regulation.

Stealth Marketing

Stealth marketing refers to promoting products without informing them that you are receiving compensation or services from the product provider.
If you are promoting somebody's product, please include "PR" or "promotion" in the title or notification comments.
There is no problem if you are promoting YOUR product.

Response to violations of rules

If you find any violations

To maintain a comfortable place for everyone, please use the report feature to let us know.